Welcome to the CIS Summer School

Want to learn Mandarin?

What's a Rube Goldberg machine and how do you build one?

Always wanted to try cheerleading?

Brush up on your public speaking skills?

Then check out our Summer School Program!

The CIS Summer School typically runs for one, two or three weeks after the end of the school year in June.

The CIS Summer Program is open for CIS students as well as students from other schools who would like to experience instructions in English.

We put together a variety of different classes within foreign language acquisition, English as an additional language, science, writing, movement/dance, sports and much, much more..

The classes are taught by our own certified teachers and substitutes, and be in line with the teaching methods and philosophy that we offer at CIS on a daily basis, and offer an extension to our curriculum so students will get to try new areas to their learning. The students will enjoy the use of our classrooms and sports facilities.

All classes are taught in English, but there will be staff available on campus who speak Danish.

Summer School Contacts

Aleksandra Achiam

Christiane Conradt-Eberlin

E-mail: Summer@cis.dk

The EAL classes are designed for students who are not native English speakers, or new to English or have some experience with the English language and would like to build on their English language skills. Students can sign up for 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks. The classes will not be taught as a continuation from one week to the other. However if there are students in the language classes who sign up for 2 weeks we will ask the teacher to differentiate the instructions.

Information about the June 2017 program will follow in the spring.


Summer School 2017 will run for three weeks:

Exact dates will be published in the spring.

Age Groups

There will be programs for three age groups.

Early Years Program is suitable for children between 4 and 7 years old.

Primary School Program is suitable for students aged 8 to 12 years old

Middle School Program is for students 11 to 15 years old.

Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct
The summer school is meant to be fun and enjoyable. It is in everyone's interest for this to be a success. Any conduct which disrupts the enjoyment of others will be dealt with as follows:

  • First there will be a verbal warning given by the summer school coordinators.
  • A second incident will mean that we ask your child not to return for the remainder of the summer school. NO REFUND will be given in such a case.

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited in the school.

A student is not registered for the Summer Program unless payment has reached us by the deadline specified on the payment link. See details below.

Cancellation of Classes
We reserve the right to cancel classes if they are undersubscribed. If this happens you will receive a full refund.

Fees and Payment Information

Fee information will be published in the spring.

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