We do not currently have any vacancies.

If you wish to send an unsolicited teaching application, you may do so by registering your interest on Schrole.

Conditions of employment are in accordance with the prevailing agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Confederation of Teachers Unions Collective Bargaining Agreement for Leaders and Teachers in Private Schools.

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a tutor!
The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a voluntary tutoring program at CIS. LAP is a fun and rewarding way for parents and other members of the community to become involved in the school community.You do not have to be a qualified teacher to join the program. All subject areas and age groups need volunteers. German, French and Danish native speakers are very welcome and much needed in those subjects, also needed are volunteers helping with homework, organization and study skills. You can give as little time or as much time as you choose - one hour per week is the minimum.For more information, please contact:

LAP Coordinator
Cindie Juul-Larsen
Tel. +45 39 46 33 92
Mob. +45 31 72 55 50
You may also refer to the LAP Page for more information

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