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On Monday January 9, we welcomed our 1,100 students and staff, plus a lot of enthusiastic parents, to the first day of school. As a community, we're all incredibly excited to finally being re-united in these fabulous facilities! See photo from the all-school assembly below and visit our CIS Facebook page for more photos and videos.


The local authorities are hard at work on the parking area now, and are finishing up this week (weather permitting).

If you get off at Nordhavn in the mornings, we recommend that you walk down Sundkrogsgade on the school-side of the road in the mornings. You can also walk back on this side in the afternoons, so as to avoid having to cross Sundkrogsgade down by the school, where, unfortunately, the traffic light and the zebra crossing have not yet been installed.

The traffic light was agreed to by the authorities at the end of November, and as the Director mentioned at the Town Hall, we weren't sure whether it would be up for the first day of school. We now know that it won't be ready for Monday, and we expect to have their building timeline soon.

In the afternoons, street crossing of Sundkrogsgade is required by bikers and those taking the bus. We have adult presence on the road in the morning and after dismissal at the end of the day and this will continue until the traffic light is up.

Getting To and From Campus

Campus Address: Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 Nordhavn
Closest Intersection: Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade.
A road is currently being built so that Stubbeløbgade goes directly through to campus. This road will be ready for the first day of school.

From the North or South: Turn from Kalkbrænderihavnsgade onto Sundkrogsgade to enter the harbor area. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
From the West: Vordingborggade becomes Sundkrogsgade. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
A separated bike path along Sundkrogsgade has now been created. A two lane bike path has also been created from the Sundkrogsgade/Stubbeløbgade intersection to school.

#27 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Østerport St., via back overpass). From Østerport: 5:49 - 19:08, From school: 6:00 - 19:30 (schedule)

#166 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Hellerup St.) From Hellerup: 6:28 - 15:08, From school: 7:06 - 9:12, 13:46 - 17:53 (schedule) Note: On the schedule, “Skudehavnsvej” is close to the school stop, where the bus turns around. The time listed there will be close to the time at Stubbeløbgade.
Overview Bus Map

The closest S-train stop is Nordhavn.
Walking/biking from Nordhavn train station:Head north on Østbanegade toward Hjørringgade. Turn right onto Vordingborggade. Continue onto Sundkrogsgade. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.It is also possible to pick up the bus at Kalkbrænderihavnsgade (Sundkrogsgade).

Turn right at the Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade intersection. Specific drop-off, pick-up, and parking instructions will be forthcoming.

Food Services

Click here for information about Simply Cooking at CIS (menus, prices, and card loading)

Food available during day

Drinks and snacks will be on on sale throughout the day (7:45 - 17:00). Parents and other community members can pay by credit card or cash.

Student Lunch, grades 1- 12

Starting Jan 9, grade 1 - 12 students can purchase lunch each day. Students will pay with their ID cards. Students will receive ID cards on January 9. Teachers will keep cards for younger students.

To load money onto the card for your child

Carefully follow these Instructions. Charge up the card in the first few days of school. Discuss with your child what they are allowed to buy.

Student Lunch, grades preK - K: Happy Food

Starting Jan 16, students in preK and K can order meals. Happy Food must be ordered every two weeks, and 1-10 meals can be ordered each time. Orders for the first two weeks must be made by Wednesday, Jan 11.

To order Happy Food for your child, please fill out this form. After you have filled in the form, you will get a return email with payment instructions.

Bringing lunch

Students can bring lunch. Due to fire code regulations, there will not be any microwaves for heating food in the cafeteria.

Yellow Safety Vests

Pre-ordered safety vests can be picked up at reception from January 8th. Branded CIS reflectors will also be available (no pre-order necessary).

From Monday, January 16 everybody is welcome to pick up a safety vest at reception. If we run out, we'll order more to ensure your safety. We recommend that all students who walk or bike to school wear a safety vest.


Parking is available in the lot adjacent to campus (137 spaces.) Rates are set by Copenhagen Kommune. Parking for the first 30 minutes is free. The rate thereafter is 16 kr./hr. We anticipate that payment methods will be similar to other places in the city. Further details forthcoming.

Parent IDs

Parents can exchange their old ID cards for new ones at reception.

Payment of School Fees

The business office is moving away from cash function. Starting in January, payments must be made by bank transfer or Mobilepay. Cash will not be accepted (Only exception is adults buying food in the cafeteria).

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