English as an Additional Language (EAL) at CIS

The goal of the EAL program is to offer a strong foundation on which English language learners can build their confidence and meet the challenges of learning, thinking and communicating in English while continuing to develop in their home language(s).
Who are our English language learners?

CIS is home to a large number of students who speak English as their second, third or fourth language. Our students come to us from around the world. We have a multilingual student population with varying levels of English language proficiency, and we welcome and celebrate the contributions that each student brings to the diversity of our school community.

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The EAL Department aims to provide a highly flexible and student-centered program that emphasises the skills needed for EAL students to have equal access to the mainstream curricula. Additionally, the CIS EAL teachers may provide language support to all students (e.g. a whole class lesson, a team-taught lesson, or in a small group setting both in and out of the mainstream classroom).

Each EAL teacher helps to enable the EAL students to fully participate with understanding in the school curricula and to encourage risk-taking and inquiry:

a) Through the use of scaffolding and modification strategies. These strategies help students develop language skills (e.g. listening, speaking, reading and writing) while learning grade-level academic content.

b) By integrating explicit language objectives to provide the fundamental vocabulary and language structures needed for each lesson.

c) By working collaboratively with classroom teachers to plan appropriate instruction for English language learners.

d) By supporting EAL students as they develop social, cultural and academic competence; our goal is to assist them in becoming socially integrated at the school and have a sense of self and belonging.

Did you know?

The more highly developed a children’s first language is, the more successful they will be at acquiring a second language.

As a school body, students at CIS speak more than 30 languages and represent more than 80 nationalities.

When learning a second language research shows it takes 3-5 years to acquire social language and 5-7 years to master academic language.

The CIS EAL Department recognizes the importance of continued home language development and strongly supports the concept of additive bilingualism, in which EAL students develop fluency in English without detriment to their home language(s). All languages and cultures are respected and valued throughout our school. CIS strives for all of our students to become multi-literate as well as multi-cultural.