English as an Additional Language (EAL)

in the Middle School and High School

In order to best support our students with accessing the curriculum, students may receive any combination of the following modes of support:

Sheltered Instruction (EAL Class)

In these small group settings, students receive focused English language instruction appropriate to their proficiency level and are also provided with support with the content of other subject areas.

Support classes are scheduled according to the specific language needs of the student, usually in the place of other language courses.

English Foundations in the Middle School

This one-year bridging course is for those Middle School students who are still quite new to English. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 take this course for one or two semesters instead of the English Language and Literature course.

Push-in/Collaborative teaching

EAL teachers work with subject specific teachers to provide them with strategies for modification and accommodation of course delivery and assignments for EAL students. EAL students may also receive in-class support in these other courses.

Academic coaching (Grade 11 and 12)

Students at these grade levels are typically at an advanced level of English proficiency. In order to meet the rigorous demands of the Diploma Programme curriculum, students work with an EAL teacher to develop their academic English language skills in a small group setting.

Meet the Middle and High School EAL Teachers