English as an Additional Language (EAL) in the Primary School

CIS has one EAL teacher per grade level in the Primary School (K-5).

The EAL Program in the Primary School

Pull-Out Model

Students receive:

  • Pull-Out lessons which are mostly for students at the beginner and intermediate proficiency levels.
  • Pull-Out lessons that are connected to their grade-level Units of Inquiry and other content areas.
  • Pull-Out lessons that build upon their background knowledge which reinforces, supports and extends the classroom work.
  • Their instruction from the classroom teacher along with their peers for most of the school day.
  • Small group lessons with the EAL teacher to target specific English language needs.

In-Class Collaborative Model:

  • EAL students learn alongside their classroom peers.
  • EAL and classroom teachers regularly plan, team-teach and evaluate lessons for all students.
  • Teaching focuses on all aspects of language learning and making curriculum content comprehensible for all students.

Cultural Newsletters

The Primary School EAL Department produces an occasional student-written cultural newsletter, which focuses on one language or cultural group within the school. Click on the flags to read the newsletters!

Meet the Primary School EAL Department!

Josefine Rosenkvist (Kindergarten)

Kathy Duarte (Grade 1)

Pat Andersen (Grade 2)

Farina Marriott (HOD/Grade 3)

DSC_0039 (1) (1).jpg
Daniel D'Andrea (Grade 4)

Ron Rosenow (Grade 5)