High School

The High School at CIS is a diverse and welcoming community which prides itself on being friendly and inclusive. We offer a world class education to around 250 students from 62 nationalities, and with a range of course offerings and co-curricular activities, everyone can find their niche.

The IB MYP and DP programmes prepare students for universities and careers worldwide, and we are extremely proud of the excellent examination results that our students achieve. Our Counsellors offer university and career guidance to help students find happy and successful roles in their lives after CIS. Graduates from CIS go on to universities mainly in Europe and North America, but also in many other parts of the world including Australia, Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

There is wide-ranging extra-curricular provision for students, including the opportunity to participate in drama and music performances. Students can compete in year-round sporting activities, such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, and track-and-field international tournaments. The Student Council is given an important role in the school, where student initiatives lead to real change. There are a range of both curricular and service trips, locally and overseas. Students are able to find ways to make a difference, and to give their energy, skills and time to others.

Every student in the High School is assigned to a Student Advisor and Advisory group to oversee their general welfare. In Advisory groups, the students discuss such topics as academic honesty, examination skills and career options, as well as issues relating to personal well-being. Throughout the school, provision is made for students whose first language is other than English, or who need extra support to access our curriculum due to learning difficulties.

We believe that parental support and involvement in education is a crucial complement to our work. We have information evenings on a variety of topics, and hold regular coffee mornings for parents. In addition, we welcome communication and dialogue with parents at any time.

Mr. Stephen McIlroy
High School Principal


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Bring Your Own Device Requirements

Requirements for CIS BYOD grades 9-12

All High school students at Copenhagen International School are required to bring their own computer to school. No matter which type of laptop you choose, we recommend a warranty with damage protection. Additionally, we emphasize the need for the laptop to be lightweight and have a strong battery capacity. We expect students to arrive to school daily with at least 6 hours of operating power charged on their laptops.

Checkout Laptops

Chromebook Laptops are available for check out when a student’s computer is out for repair. Check out laptops are not available if a student forgets their computer.

Laptop Specifications

The following chart provides minimum laptop specifications required to support your child’s learning at CIS.

Description Minimum Spec
Platform PC / Mac
Screen Size 11 inches


Wi-Fi 5: 802.11ac

Hard Drive

128 GB


Windows 10
macOS High Sierra 10.13
Must support English


6+ hours or higher

Age of device

Maximum 5 years old

Essential Home Supplies

The following items are needed at home:


Stapler and staples

Colored pencils and markers

Glue stick



Hole punch

English and foreign language dictionaries

A4 binders for long-term storage of notes

Essential School Supplies

The following items are needed in school:

Pens: blue or black ink only




Scientific Calculator for Maths Gr 6-8

For High School calculator requirements, see below.

Developmental Workbook (Kinebog/ A4 Dummy) for Art (can be bought from the Charity Club at school)

PE Kit-Appropriate clothing, gym shoes, towel, soap

Calculator Requirements

All High School students are required to have a Graphic Display Calculator (GDC). We highly recommend students purchase TI-NspireTM CX (without CAS). These are the calculators teachers will demonstrate in the classroom. Students using other models will be responsible for learning the required functionality independently.

It is important that the students are buying non-CAS calculators (without CAS), version 1.3 or higher. CAS calculators AND earlier models are not accepted in the IB exams.

More information can be found here.

Report Schedule

Grades 9 and 10
Semester 1 (January) - grades and comments
Semester 2 (June) - grades and comments
Parent-teacher conferences in October and April

Grade 11 (DP1)
Quarter 1 (October) - grades only
Semester 1 (January) - grades and comments
Quarter 3 (March/April) - grades only
Semester 2 (June) - grades and comments
Parent-teacher conferences in October and April

Grade 12 ( DP2)
Quarter 1 (October) - grades only
Semester 1 (January) - grades and comments
Quarter 3 (March/April) - grades only
Semester 2 (June) - grades only
Parent-teacher conferences in October and February


If your child is not coming to school due to illness or vacation, here is how to notify us.

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