Middle School

The Middle School provides a nurturing environment for around 211 students; encouraging strong relationships, social responsibility and academic excellence.The three specific values of the MS are respect, responsible and safe, not only at school, but as they face life's challenges.

The first three years of the five-year IB Middle Years Program are taught in the Middle School and the last two years are completed in grades 9 and 10 in the High School. Across the MYP curriculum there is a strong emphasis on approaches to learning (ATL) skills, which cover the development of effective study skills and of critical and creative thinking. ATL skills in the MYP include social skills, research skills, communication skills, thinking skills and self-management skills. Students take Danish, English, Language Acquisition (Spanish, French or German), Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Design, Physical Education, and the Arts (music, drama and visual arts). Provisions are made for students whose first language is not English, or who need extra support to access our curriculum due to learning difficulties/differences.

Every student in the Middle School is assigned to an advisor and advisory group that meets daily. Advisory focuses on helping adolescents find a home where topics related to interpersonal relationships, study skills, compassion and understanding of something "different" than their own beliefs, service to others, kindness in our words and actions, stewardship for our school, personal talents and the world are discussed. There is a specific modular advisory curriculum that focuses on these interpersonal skills and attitudes.

Beyond the classroom are many sport, art, recreational and service opportunities that help students discover their strengths and passions, and connect in-school learning to the real world. Year-round sporting activities include volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and track-and-field international tournaments.

A collaborative partnership with parents is vital to the success of our Middle School. We enjoy a strong sense of community and pride in our school and the students who are at the center. We have parent roundtable sessions on a variety of topics (academic and developmental), book clubs and information sessions related to the MYP. Students and parents meet twice a year with faculty to discuss the student’s strengths, progress and goals. In addition, we welcome communication and dialogue with parents at any time.

We invite you to be part of the learning and growth experiences in the MS.

Karen Rohrs
Middle School Principal

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Supplies for Middle School

What to have at home

All students in Middle and Senior School will need the following materials throughout the school year. Please acquire these materials by the second week of school. Should any of these materials be difficult to obtain, students should contact their advisors for help.

the following items are needed at home:

  • Printer
  • Stapler and stales
  • Colored pencils and markers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Hole punch
  • English and foreign language dictionaries
  • A4 binders for long-term storage of notes

What to have at school

The following items are needed in school:

  • Laptop (PC or MAC) with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. See requirements below (BYOD) for Middle School, grades 6-8*
  • Extra power cord for laptop to be kept at school
  • Pens: blue or black ink only
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Ruler/Protractor
  • Scientific Calculator for Maths Gr 6-8
  • Graphic Display Calculator for Maths Gr 9-12. For specific information click here
  • Developmental Workbook (Kinebog/ A4 Dummy) for Art (can be bought from the Charity Club at school)
  • PE Kit-Appropriate clothing, gym shoes, towel, soap

Requirements for CIS BYOD

Requirements for CIS BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) grades 6-8

All Middle school students at Copenhagen International School are required to bring their own computer to school. No matter which type of laptop you choose, we recommend a warranty with damage protection. Additionally, we emphasize the need for the laptop to be lightweight and have a strong battery capacity. We expect students to arrive to school daily with at least 6 hours of operating power charged on their laptops.

Checkout Laptops

Chromebook Laptops are available for check out when a student’s computer is out for repair. Check out laptops are not available if a student forgets their computer.

Laptop Specifications

The following chart provides minimum laptop specifications required to support your child’s learning at CIS.

Description Minimum Spec
Platform PC / Mac
Screen Size 11 inches


Wi-Fi 5: 802.11ac

Hard Drive

128 GB


Windows 10
macOS High Sierra 10.13
Must support English


6+ hours or higher

Age of device

Maximum 5 years old


If your child is not coming to school due to illness or vacation, here is how to notify us.