We award 5 scholarships for entry into Grade 10 and 10 scholarships for entry into Grade 11 (the first year of the Diploma Programme), at a reduction of up to 85% off tuition, depending on your family’s financial situation. Scholarships last for three years, if you enter Grade 10, or for two years if you enter Grade 11.

You can apply for three types of scholarships:

  1. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  2. Arts Scholarship
  3. Sustainability Scholarship

Funding has been provided by our many generous donors, whose contributions to our ‘Giving Tree’ Community Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are open to external applicants as well as current CIS students.

The Scholarship exams take place on our campus or at your current school, and interviews can take place via Skype, so you do not need to be in Denmark to participate in the scholarship process.

High School Taster Days

Our Taster Days are a great opportunity for you to see how we operate.

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