Students at CIS take Drama right from Pre-Kindergarten and can continue all the way through if they choose Theatre for their Diploma Programme.

International Schools Theatre Association

CIS is a proud member of ISTA. The school normally attends four festival each year: Separate festivals for Primary, Middle and High School, as well as a Theatre arts symposium dedicated to students in the Diploma Theatre course.

Primary School

The three Cs! That's what Drama at CIS is all about!

Communication- We find as many ways as we can to convey meaning, opinion and ideas.

Creativity- We develop our imaginative skills and appreciate the thoughts and presentations of others.

Cooperation- We have lots of opportunities to share, negotiate and collaborate in large or small groups.

Drama is part of the overall arts programme at CIS and along with Music and Art, it drives the "How We Express Ourselves" units at each grade level. Drama is also used to support many of the other units of inquiry as well as following its own spiraling curriculum, which covers Creative Exploration and Expression, Technical Incorporation, Performance, Personal and Social Development. Reflection, Evaluation and Appreciation as well as Drama in Society.

Middle School

The Middle School's latest production was Alice in Wonderland

High School Theatre Productions

The Birds, November 2016

Click below for the production site for this year's High School Production of Aristophanes' The Birds. Auditions start September 19, the play opens November 16.

TheatreSports, September 2016

Pygmalion, February 2016

The Winter's Tale, November 2014

Winters Tale stills

The Pirates of Penzance, November 2013

Pirates still photos

Antigone, January 2011