The Music Department

The music rooms are wildly exciting places for students to be, where they enthusiastically discover music with all their senses! We explore music through singing and playing instruments, as well as through moving, composing and listening. Sometimes we move to music from the piano; sometimes recorded works. Purposeful movement becomes a way of experiencing and internalizing music in all its expressiveness. Sometimes we use music to examine society, science or mathematics:

When you hear sounds coming from the music room, you could be listening to anything from student compositions to Tuvan throat singing to the symphonies of Mahler! Reflecting on a wide range of music from various styles, cultures and times gives us inspiration to compose our own works, which express our feelings, our experiences or our imaginations. It gives us insight into other cultures and perspectives, conflict and resolution, emotion and storytelling. Through music, we can learn to understand the world around us and appreciate society and people from many perspectives.

Composition takes children through the artistic process, from idea to post-performance. They plan and organize, create and refine, practice and perform, reflect and rework. In this process, they learn how to express themselves, but they also learn about cooperation, interpretation and commitment.

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After school Instrumental lessons at Copenhagen International School

Private lessons are available to CIS students after school, provided by an outside staff. If you do not have an instrument already, you can rent one from a local music store. Your after-school teacher can recommend the best place to rent an instrument.

If students need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please contact the after-school teacher directly.


To apply for after-school lessons, email the teachers directly to organize a lesson time.

Guidelines for After-School Lessons

Tuition Fee

Payment for the lessons throughout the year is to be arranged directly with the tutor.

Student absence

The tutors need to be notified at least the night before of a lesson absence; Students will be charged for the lesson if this notice is not given. The tutors will endeavour to keep changes to their timetables to a minimum.

Ensemble Participation

It is expected that, where possible, all students who learn an instrument at school should be involved in a school ensemble. Ensemble participation is a vital area of musicianship and helps to foster rapid progress.

Home Practice

Students should, along with their tutors, develop a regular home practice schedule. Commitment to a practice routine is essential in developing sound instrumental technique. This, in turn, gives improved musical outcomes and greater enjoyment.

Instruments and Equipment

CIS does not have instruments to hire. Please contact a local music store for instruments, accessories and music. A few stores in the area are:

Another option is to purchase an instrument.
Please see the following websites. Parents are recommended to consult the teacher before purchasing and/or making decisions about instrumental rentals so that we can ensure positive outcomes.

Music Stores in Copenhagen

Brofogedvej 10
2400 København NV
70 13 17 44

Scandinavian Brass & Woodwind
Nørre Farimagsgade 31
1364 København K
33 14 0214

Violinbygger Birger Kulmbach
Lavendelstræde 10
1462 København K
33 16 40 80

Jørn Holm Larsen
Violin Shop

Vognmagergade 7
1120 København K
33 15 78 88

i.K. Gottfried
Kronprinsessegade 44C
1306 København K
33 11 10 47

Musikhuset Aage Jensen
Landemærket 29
1119 København K
33 18 19 00

After School Teachers