Sign Up Forms

  • NECIS Autumn Sign up form for Grades 5-12 on this LINK.
    • Seasons:
      • Autumn - Girls Volleyball, Boys Football, Cross Country
      • Winter - Boys and Girls Basketball, Swimming
      • Spring - Girls Football, Boys and Girls Track and Field, Tennis (tentative)

  • CIS Sports Club Sign up form for Grades 1-12 on this LINK.
    • All year round sports
      • Kids Volley - Boys and Girls Grade 1-4
      • Grand Prix Basketball - Boys and Girls Grade 1-12
      • Skjold Hawks Football - Boys and Girls (Grade 1-4) and Boys (Grade 5-12) - Divided into three seasons
      • Girls Football - Grade 5-12

The Atheltic Office is working on new sign up system for NECIS Winter and Spring seasons and this will take effect in October.

Season Start Dates

  • NECIS U12,U14, JV and Varsity teams and Skjold Hawks Football (Grade 1-4 Boys and Girls) - First practice in the week of August 20 at Ryparken Idrætsanlæg.
  • NECIS Volleyball - First practice in the week of August 20.
  • NECIS Swimming - First practice in the week of September 10.
  • NECIS Cross Country - First practice on August 27 at CIS.
  • Grand Prix Basketball - First practice in the week of September 3.
  • Kids Volley - First practice in the week of September 3.
  • Girls Football - First practice on August 19 at B93 Fields.

Schedule 2018/2019

Practice Schedule - on this link

Off Campus Practice Facilities - Directions

Please check this link for more information.

Welcome to Sports at CIS

Building Resilience, Teamwork and Integrity

Welcome to the Copenhagen International School Athletics Program for 2018-2019. The Athletics Program provides opportunities for students to develop their potential in sports while participating in a competitive and fun environment.

CIS recognizes that sport is one of the best vehicles by which we foster essential life skills that prepare our students for the educational experience and their final journey into adult life!

The Athletics Program aims to

  • foster in students the life skills of collaboration, commitment, discipline, perseverance, self-reliance, teamwork and sportsmanship: the qualities of resilience, teamwork and integrity.
  • educate students about the importance of an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • promote and develop the IBO Learner profile that guides our daily interaction with our athletes. Those principles guide our students to be Enquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective.
  • instill in our students a passion for sport that promotes a positive and inspiring school environment.

To achieve our objectives, CIS is a member of NECIS, the Northern European Council of International Schools. NECIS organizes international tournaments where schools from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg meet to compete in a variety of sports. Participation in the NECIS Athletics Program is open primarily to grade 5 through grade 12.

Additionally, through the CIS Sports Club, students in grades 1-12 are given opportunities to participate in organized practices and competitions against local Danish Sports Clubs.

Whether NECIS or the CIS Sports Club, students must commit to two practices a week with games on the weekend. Those selected to the NECIS teams must also commit to the final NECIS tournaments held in a variety of international venues across Northern Europe.

Finally, CIS prides itself on the quality of our coaches who not only effectively teach the fundamentals of the sport but also represent the values espoused in our Aims and Objectives.

The Athletics Department looks forward to another fun and rewarding experience this year as we take on the fierce competition.