CIS Stories

On this page, members of our community, past and present, share their stories about CIS and how our school has affected their personal and professional lives.

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CIS Graduate Victor Eibeholm

Victor is Danish and attended CIS in Grades 11 and 12. He graduated from CIS in June with a score of 44 points out of a maximum of 45 which puts him in the top 1% of IB Diploma graduates worldwide. In September, Victor started business studies at the London School of Economics.

"I feel that CIS and the IB Diploma program have prepared me very well for university. I have learned to study hard, to organize my day to get things done, particularly during the recent exam period. A group of us got together to prepare for the exams and we really buckled down: We got up early, went to the gym and then worked for ten hours a day. We only broke for lunch and dinner - and then we went straight to bed. And in the process, we realized that our teachers had provided a solid foundation for our revision. I have had some pretty formidable teachers at CIS who have been able to guide me really well. My teachers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely well prepared for classes. Compared to other schools, CIS is obviously able to recruit some really talented staff."

"One of the most exciting activities that I have been involved in at CIS has been the MUN (Model United Nations). The THIMUN conference in the Hague was fantastic: Meeting thousands of young people from all over the world and dealing with real global issues in a tangible way, debating specific issues instead of just discussing broad principles - all of that was incredible. I'm still in contact with several friends that I made there."

"My years at Copenhagen International School have really expanded my horizon. I used to be very ingrained in Danish culture and I never thought about studying abroad. But then my family and I moved to Finland when I was 9 and when we returned to Denmark some seven years later, I wanted to continue my education at an international school. So I chose CIS. And today, I feel way more international than Danish. To me it's just normal that I have to stay up a little longer in order to call my friend Soh Hang in Korea or a friend in India. And I'm sure it will definitely translate into a networking asset later in life, the fact that I have several friends scattered across the globe. And I'm not at all worried about going to university in London. It feels natural to me and I can't wait to make new friends in England."