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On this page, members of our community, past and present, share their stories about CIS and how our school has affected their personal and professional lives.

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Meet Sara Mlynek, Middle School teacher at CIS

· I'm Sara Mlynek and I come from Denmark and Israel

· What I like about Copenhagen is that it is a fairly small city with a bit of a big city vibe. It is easy to get around on your bike and there is a lot of cool shops, food places, parks and cultural stuff going on.

· CIS is a school that embraces many different cultures, languages and personalities. Living in Denmark, a country with a population that is more or less culturally homogeneous, it is nice to go to CIS every day and see all the diversity...kind of like opening a door to an exciting multi-cultural world.

· At CIS, I have learned that it is sometimes difficult, or even impossible, to give an answer to the question 'Where do you come from?' Many of our students have parents from two different countries, they might never have lived in any of their parents' native countries, and perhaps they have lived in many different countries and find it hard to mention one place as 'home'

· I teach Danish as a foreign language, and I like the fact that I teach a language which can be heard and used in the local community. I also like teaching Danish pronunciation, which is quite tricky with all its subtle vowel sounds and the characteristic "glottal stop" ;-)

· There are so many good memories from CIS. It is really hard to pick one but, in general, I really enjoy going away on activity week and connecting with students and colleagues while exploring a new part of Denmark.

· An international school is very different from a Danish public school. There are many exciting and great things about it, like getting to know people from all over the world, but it is also tough to have to say goodbye to students and teachers every year, as they travel on to new destinations - so it is good to be prepared for frequent changes and difficult goodbyes.