CIS Stories

On this page, members of our community, past and present, share their stories about CIS and how our school has affected their personal and professional lives.

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On Wednesday September 21 we celebrated PEACE DAY. In the Primary School, the day started with an assembly sponsored by the students in 5A. When students returned to the classroom, they enjoyed a morning filled with various grade-level activities on the topic of "Peace." They also created and drew designs on large plastic blocks to create a huge Peace Wall that was built throughout the day.

As a culminating activity, all students came outside to sing "We Are The World" to end the day, cheered on by enthusiastic parent paparazzi...

In Middle School, Grade 8 celebrated peace day by raising awareness at the middle school assembly regarding the ongoing worldwide Refugee Crisis. A representative from the Red Cross and Zarah Behnaz Larsen, a former refugee and CIS parent, spoke to the students about how it is to be a refugee and ways in which everyone can help.