About Us

The CIS PTA is a nonprofit voluntary association made up of parents, legal guardians, and staff at the Copenhagen International School (CIS). The role of PTA is to encourage a closer connection between home and school. We provide opportunities for parents to get involved and have staff and students to socialize and enjoy our wonderful school. At CIS, all parents and staff are automatic members of the PTA.

Volunteer opportunities: Come get involved and meet others in our CIS community! Please complete the Activity Sign-up form. Thank you for your interest.


ChairJennifer O'Brien Nash
SecretarySarah Stokes
TreasurerJackie Williams
1st Vice Chair (Newcomers)Jennifer Keane
2nd Vice Chair Luke Scherschel
3rd Vice ChairSergio Alves

Our Mission

Our mission is:

To establish a close relationship between home and school by advancing the opportunity for all parents to become involved in the CIS community.


PTA Constitution

Amended February 22, 2018

1 Name of the Association

Copenhagen International School Parent Teacher Association. The Association shall

hereinafter be referred to as the “PTA”. Copenhagen International School will hereinafter

be referred to as “CIS”.

2 Objective

2.1 Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others

associated with the school.

2.2 Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which will support the

school and advance the physical, mental and social education of the pupils.

2.3 The PTA shall be a non-profit, non-political and charitable association.

3 Membership

Membership shall be automatic for all parents and guardians of pupils currently enrolled

at Copenhagen International School along with administrators, teachers and staff

members employed by CIS.

4 PTA Officers

4.1 The PTA Officers shall consist of the following elected positions: Chairperson(s);

Treasurer; Secretary; 1st Vice Chairperson; 2nd Vice Chairperson; 3rd Vice


The Chair may appoint a Parliamentarian. The administration may appoint a

person to fulfil the position of School Liaison. These appointed members are

included in the leadership team.

4.2 The elected officers shall not serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same

office. One who has served more than ½ of a term shall be credited with serving

a full term.

4.3 The chair(s) shall have the power to fill any vacancies occurring during the

interval between Annual General Meetings, and those not filled at the AGM.

4.4 The chair(s) shall have the power to appoint sub-committees who in turn may

co-opt sub-committee members.

4.5 Any executive board member may be removed from office with cause by the

affirmative vote of 2/3’s of the members of the executive board then in office,

quorum having been established. Any executive board member may resign at

any time by delivering a written resignation to the PTA Chairperson(s) or


5 PTA & Officer’s meetings

5.1 PTA meetings shall be held monthly while the school is in session. All meetings

will be minuted and an agenda will be issued on the CIS website one week

before the meeting. Approved minutes will be published on the CIS website in

accordance to the records retention policy of the PTA.

5.2 The Officers shall meet as necessary and as decided by the chairperson of the

PTA. No financial decisions shall be made at Officer’s meetings outside of the

approved budget.

6 General Meetings

6.1 The annual general meeting of the PTA shall be held in May each year to receive

reports from the officers, to elect the next year officers and to transact any other

competent business and appoint the auditor per the constitution.

6.2 Special General meetings may be called at any time by the Officers or on the

request of no less than 15 members.

6.3 At General meetings, 15 members shall form a quorum.

6.4 A preliminary Financial plan for the upcoming school year will be presented at a

general meeting by the new executive committee. This plan will be passed by the

end of the current school year. The plan may be revisited and adjusted in the new

school year to reflect the goals of the PTA and CIS for that year. Financial plans

must be passed by a simple majority.

7 Funds

7.1 The funds of the Association shall be lodged in a Bank in the name of the


7.2 The bank account will have 2 bank signatories, Treasurer and 1 other PTA

executive officer. These 2 signatories will be confirmed by 3 PTA executives who

are not signatories.

7.3 Sub-committees will be given a budget for their events from the event


7.4 The PTA shall hold a balance deemed appropriate in the PTA account at the end

of the school year to fund the following academic year’s early expenditures.

8 Funds generated from major events

8.1 The Treasurer and Chair may apply for VAT exemption for events that are

expected to generate revenue above the annual VAT threshold.

8.2 All profit from the above events must be used for the purpose as specified in the

Skat VAT Exemption application form.

8.3 The purpose must be decided in advance of the application being submitted to

Skat. It must be charitable in nature and benefit the current and future


8.4 The purpose shall be in line with the chosen fundraising goals as determined by

CIS annually.

9 Funding Process

9.1 Applications will only be considered for funding if there is a clear and direct link to

CIS and the funding request is not included in the schools budget.

9.2 Applications for funding will be accepted from the Administration, teaching staff,

students (via the student council) and parents. All funding applications shall be

sent to the current Chairperson.

9.3 The chairperson(s) will meet with the Director of CIS to discuss funding

applications and ensure they are not part of the school’s budget.

9.4 Funding proposals that meet 8.1-8.4 shall be added to the agenda for the next

PTA meeting for voting.

9.5 Once funding has been spent, the receiver shall report back or present to the

PTA at the next PTA meeting.

10 Accounts and Auditing

10.1 The accounts of the Association shall be closed by the last day of the school year

and shall be audited annually.

10.2 The auditor(s) shall not be an Officer of the PTA and shall be appointed for the

ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting.

10.3 Records Retention Policy. All approved minutes and financial records will be

available for viewing on the CIS website for a minimum of 5 years.

11 Alteration of the Constitution

11.1 Any alteration to the constitution will be detailed in the PTA meeting agenda and

posted online at least one week before the meeting.

11.2 A quorum of at least 15 members must vote to approve any changes to the

constitution. A ⅔ majority decides the vote.

12 Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Parent Teacher Association, all funds will

automatically be donated to the School, CIS.

CIS PTA Board 2017 - 2018 (Elected May 16th 2017)

Chair Jennifer O’Brien Nash

Treasurer Raquel Slater

Secretary Luke Scherschel

Newcomers Welcome Committee, 1st Vice Chair Sehrish Haq

Marketing & Communications, 2nd Vice Chair Shouka Pelaseyed

Events Logistics, 3rd Vice Chair Kirsten Tschofen