Your questions

We invited the CIS community to ask Simply Cooking some questions about their food. Here are their answers!

Some children have simpler tastes than others, can you cater for this?
Lunches are divided up, so that a child can avoid sauce, for example. There are also simpler sandwiches, such as ham and cheese.

Could we have salad / lettuce as a side instead of beans? It's quite heavy on the stomach :-)
There's a mixed salad without beans at every lunch session

Do you offer organic food?
The flour we use is organic, and some of the drinks.

How can we know what food is on offer?
The menu is posted on our website every five weeks.

Vegetarian/vegan food?
There is a vegetarian dish every day, as well as vegetarian sandwiches. The soup is usually vegetarian/vegan, and gluten-free.

We will write allergens on our online menu as far as possible. There will also be information on the daily signs beside the food.

There is lactose-free milk available.
There is Teapigs tea.
Coffee will be ready at 07.30 each morning
Fancier coffee (e.g. lattes) will be coming soon!
If you would rather not use a paper cup, there are glasses available to use instead. Just deliver them back to the kitchen when you've finished.

Do you offer gluten-free food?
If the lunch dish of the day is not gluten-free, then the soup or vegetarian option will be.

Can students purchase milk to drink?
Yes, students can purchase 1/4 litre milk boxes