Activities 2019

Summer School 2019 will run for two weeks:

Week 1 (June 24 - June 28)

Week 2 (July 1 - July 5)

We reserve the right to cancel classes if they are undersubscribed. If this happens you will receive a full refund.

Early Years (Age 4-7) Camp

Early Years Camp

Andrea Cardenas and Lesley Melo

EY age 4 - 7

In the Early Years Program we provide a safe and secure learning environment for your children to enjoy our fun-filled schedule.

Andrea and Lesley will be in charge of the early years' program, they both are trained teachers who have been working at CIS this past school year. We encourage creativity, independence, and curiosity through various learning age-appropriate experiences.

There will be a variety of hands-on project-based learning activities for the children to take part in each day. We will have a mix of arts and crafts, sports, science experiments, building and creating centers, gardening, cooking and many more.

In addition to the above, we will be taking a field trip at least once a week. You will be informed about the day, place and timings at the start of the summer program.

Activities for the Primary Years Program, Age 8-12

Creativity Camp

Creativity Camp

Madeleine Dolby and Benjamin Peel

PYP age 8-12

During the Creative week at the CIS Summer School you will be having a lot of fun!

You will explore the artistic and creative world by playing and working around art, music and theatre.

In ART, some of the things you could be digging your hands into are: drawing, painting, product design, photography, street art, redesign and trash art.

In THEATRE, we will be getting to know each other through theatre games and acting. We will create stories together and turning them into funny and physical performances.

In MUSIC, we will be making our own instruments and learning how to play them after. We will experiment with different rhythms and sounds to create our own music.

During the week we will put together what we have learnt in art, theatre and music by working towards a unique and creative performance that we will show at the end of the week. For this performance, different roles will be needed both onstage and backstage and each of us will have an opportunity to show something we have been practicing. This show will be a celebration of a beautiful week together, making new friends and working creatively.

Exploration Camp

Exploration Camp

Tim Ford and Suk Randhava

PYP age 8-12


Do you have an interest in space exploration? What are the ‘basics’ of rocket science? How do we plan a mission to space? What is the future of space exploration? The Mars Space Mission Summer School activity is a hands on and fun set of Science activities with a space exploration theme.


  1. Astronaut training
  2. Designing & Building A Rocket
  3. Rocket launching and ‘landing’ on a target
  4. Building a mars lander landing of astronauts on Mars
  5. Life on mars? - looking for evidence of life

The daily activities will all focus on a part of a ‘mission to Mars’ and incorporate Biology, Chemistry and Physics elements. Students will see if they have what it takes as they discover what astronaut training is all about. They will learn how to design and build a simple rocket (water - pressure), spend time conducting trials on launching the rocket as they aim to land it on ‘Mars’. As scientists we will be improving, correcting errors and refining the design of the rocket to verify and gain better results regarding launch and landing in the retrials. We will then be designing, building and testing model Mars landers to land our astronaut cargo. Finally once safely on the surface we will be conducting biological tests for signs of life.

Materials Needed

Large Soda bottles (1.5 or even 2 liter are best) will form the basis of the rockets. The more you can bring the less soda we will need to drink before the summer!

Sport Camp

Sports Camp

Suzanne Rochette

PYP ages 8 - 12

This Summer, stay active with the Sport Week !

Wondering how to keep playing sport in the summer break? The Sport week is here for you! Day after day, we will explore the different ways to move our bodies and play with our new made friends. We will jump and run around obstacles with parkour, follow the ryhthm of hip-hop to dance, learn the importance of balance with yoga and acrobatics or build a strategy to Capture the Flag: this week will be full of surprises. Your teacher Suzanne will challenge you through the week to play in teams, duo or just against yourself. Finally, we will conclude our fantastic week with our own CIS Olympic Day and will hold a little ceremony to reward the competitors.

This program is perfect for you if you enjoy being active and if you are curious to discover new activities such as; .

  • Tag Games, Dodgeball, Racket tournament
  • Acrobatics , Parkour and Hip-Hop dance
  • Athletics and Boxing, Team and Trust Challenges
  • Capture the Flag, Ultimate Freezbee, Vortex Game
  • Olympic Day with Medal and Awards ceremony

Intensive English Camp age 8-12

Intensive English Language Camp (EAL)

Farina Marriot

PYP Age 8-12

Students can enjoy learning English through games, songs, conversation, art, reading and writing. Students are welcome to sign up for 1 or 2 weeks since each day will be designed to meet the needs of those who attend..

The EAL classes during summer school are designed for students who are new to the English language, or who have some experience with it and would like to build on their skills in a non peer pressured but fun environment.

Students will complete the programme with developed confidence and a positive view of learning English.

Activities for the Middle School Program, (Age 12-17)

Intensive English Camp age 12-17

Intensive English Language Camp (EAL)

Alison Brown

MYP English age 12 - 17

Learning a second language should be an enjoyable experience. The EAL (English as an Additional Language class offered in the summer is designed for those who would like more exposure and practice with the language with the aim to improve their general level of English. The class will work to strengthen proficiency in the language through interactive communication-based lessons that will build vocabulary and develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students will participate in a range of theme-related activities that will both challenge and engage them. Most importantly they will have the opportunity to socialize in English, building skills for meaningful communication in the language.