The Charity Club

The Charity Club serves as one of the school’s oldest and cherished clubs. We gather money, to support many different projects all around the world.

One of the biggest is our work with the The Talented Women’s club in Ghana. And, yes, it works!

Charity Club is an integral part of the service requirement of CAS program, but also includes students in 9th and 10th grade, who earn points toward their community service requirement.

It has a variety of income-generating activities such as bake sales, operating the snack bar, selling Art books and calculators, selling cold drinks and doing face painting and balloon activities at many CIS events.

This work generates a sense of responsibility and compassion for the less privileged and focuses on discussions on the value and challenges of international development work. All money earned is sent directly to those who need it making for a very personal relation between the givers and receivers.

We have our own website! Click on the picture below.