Student Support

Welcome to the Student Support Services Department

Educational supports for each student will create ripple effects of positive change in the student’s life--and within our school community.

Our multidisciplinary Teams look forward to welcoming you to our school! Whenever you have questions or comments related to any aspect of Student Support Services, please contact the Learning Support Coordinator, Nurse, or Counselor from the relevant section of our school.

The Principals and I collaborate with school-based teams to support excellence in inclusive programming for each student. We expect your son and daughter to thrive here!

Within our inclusive school, we support students through a comprehensive and coordinated model of Student Support Services. The wingspread of services spans across Learning Support, School Counseling, School Health, School Psychology, the Learning Assistance Program (LAP), and consultative services with freelance clinicians who provide Speech and Occupational Therapies.

Director of Student Support Services
Kristen Koehler
Tel. 39 46 33 00 Ext 364