Counseling in the High School

Counseling at CIS is designed to meet the unique needs of international students and their families. While addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of students, counselors also act as a liaison between teachers and parents, working to ensure access to the tools needed to fulfill the school’s mission.

It is important to know that we strongly believe in confidentiality. Our golden rule is “what happens here, stays here.” The only time we break confidentiality is if someone says they will hurt themselves or someone else or if someone is in danger. We want students, parents and teachers to feel like it is a safe place to open up.

Counselors work with students within four domains:
  • Academic
  • Personal/social
  • Career counseling
  • Global Perspective

Topics covered are in accordance with the ASCA Model (American School Counseling Model) as well as the ISCA Model (International School Counseling Model). Counseling topics may include: communication and relationship building skills with peers, parents, and teachers; time management and study skills; stress management; anxiety reduction; transitions; self-esteem; and management of peer pressure. For students who may benefit from referral, counselors maintain an up-to-date list of outside professionals in the area.

The High School Counseling department will be introducing UniFrog to assist students when planning for university studies and their future. The students can take numerous assessments including a personality inventory and a career match assessment free of charge. InterQuest through Step One is available once a year as well, for an additional fee. We invite you to review the University Counseling section for more information on applying to university, SATs, general deadlines for applications, and other information.

The counselors have an open door policy and are available by appointment. To make an appointment please contact us.

Chelsea Dullea
High School Counselor (A-K)

Amanda Lopez
High School Counselor (L-Z)