Counseling in Primary and Middle School

At the Primary School level, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5, the counselor works with classroom teachers to support individual students as well as addressing whole class issues and life skill topics.

At the Middle School level, Grades 6-8, the counselor collaborates with teachers and advisors to develop essential developmental life skills and help students find academic success.

At both levels, the counselor works closely with all of the members of the Student Services Team to design, implement and monitor effective intervention strategies.

Note on confidentiality

A counselor is obliged to maintain confidentiality at all times, except in a few extreme cases. No information from or about students will be divulged by the counselors except to other professionals, also bound by confidentiality, and only if they can offer additional help to a student.

How to access the counselor

We have an open door policy. Parents and students are welcome to drop by at any time. Appointments can also be made through the contact information below.