School Health Services

Meet School Health Nurse, Charlotte Zeeberg

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The primary role of the School Health Nurse is to support student health care.

Services Offered

Children and their parents are always welcome to contact the School Health Nurse.

The services of the School Health Nurse include a combination of individual health consultations and examinations or small group health consultations, examinations and health promotion teaching. She is also available for school clinical triage with the school counselors.

During the health consultations, health issues relevant to both the individual child and/or the group will be addressed. Topical subjects relevant to the age group will be explored and the child's own experience of wellbeing, health and health habits. These consultation sessions will take place individually or in small groups.

The School Health Nurse, in co-operation with the teachers, will participate in teaching subjects related to health and well-being. Her teaching will include talks about Health and Health Promotion issues such as: The Body and its Development, Nutrition and Exercise, Puberty, Sexuality and Smoking. These classes are intended to equip your children with the best knowledge-based tools to facilitate their understanding and handling of these matters.

First Aid

All staff have a shared responsibility to administer first aid for any student they come in contact with and the majority of the staff members have been trained in First Aid. Whenever a student is injured at school or requires first aid, the student will be given immediate attention. Every effort will be made to contact the parents, either at home or at work. If necessary, the local ambulance service will be contacted to take the student to the casualty ward at the local hospital, Gentofte Hospital.

It is very important that all families provide the school with emergency contact details, including mobile phone numbers, for use in the case of accident or injury.

Co-operation between parents and the School Health Service

Prior to the administration of a Health Screening, your child will bring an invitation home. For Kindergarten children it is really important both for your child and for us that one of the parents participates in the consultation. As a parent, you are also welcome to accompany your child to all the other visits to the School Health Nurse but are requested to make an individual appointment.

Parents will be contacted if their child shows signs of illness or unhappiness. Upon receipt of your permission, your daughter or son will be referred to the relevant specialist.

If a child needs to have his or her hearing checked it will be done by the School Health Nurse in between her other appointments. You will always be informed of the results of these tests.

Medical Records

Every student must have a complete and up-to-date medical record form in our database (Veracross). Parents can update this information at any time throughout the year.


In general no medicine is given at school unless the student is suffering from chronic conditions such as ADHD, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or other medical needs.

Students with asthma who are able to use their inhalers themselves are allowed to carry them with them.

Medicines should always be provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist and include the prescriber’s instructions for administration (approximate time) and dosage as well as the diagnosis or reason the medication is need.

It is to be noted that medicines that need to be taken three times a day (such as antibiotics) could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime.

The School Health Nurse’s office should always be notified in writing of any medication brought to school.

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