Welcome to Learning Support

Copenhagen International School is an inclusive school where we are committed to supporting one and all in the learning process. Our Learning Support teachers join together with Classroom Teachers to develop individually designed support programmes for students. We welcome a carefully balanced number of students with mild to intensive learning support needs across all of our grade levels.

Students become a part of the Learning Support programme through a variety of ways:

  • Prior psychoeducational evaluations—reports have been provided through the Admissions process;
  • Primary, Middle, and High School Student Study Team referrals for further evaluations; and
  • In-house psychoeducational evaluations.

The goal of our Learning Support programme is to respond to the diverse needs of students with mild to intensive learning challenges within a school context of shared responsibility. Our students receive support aimed at fostering the development of their learning acquisition skills. With individually designed support, students acquire strategies that will enable them to succeed within the regular education class and gradually become independent learners. Through on-going observation, assessment and evaluation, teachers within multi-disciplinary teams—which also include parents--establish the steps students are advised to follow in order to be successful in their learning.

Our service delivery models include:

  • Mainstream classroom push-in;
  • Pull-out for individuals and small groups;
  • Substantially separate programming with appropriate mainstreaming; and
  • Reverse mainstreaming where some classmates join others receiving support with the Learning Support Teacher.