Building Roads Into Diverse Groups & Empowering Students

The Bridges program is an extension program developed for those young students whose current in-class/pull-out learning support has not proved to sufficiently support their needs. Bridges is an additional program in our existing Primary School inclusion offerings, and has been designed for students presently in Grade 1 to Grade 5.

CIS is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities based on the students’ developmental needs. Bridges is built around a small classroom setting with a group of 4 to 8 students accessing the program as needed throughout the day.

The Bridges program is a full time individually designed modified program outside of mainstream classes. A Learning Support Teacher and Learning Support Assistants will support the students in their least restrictive environment. The students are assigned to a homeroom class and join them as often as is appropriate, e.g., for specials, lunch and playtime, and specific classroom lessons and activities. There may also be opportunities for reverse mainstreaming, where students not receiving learning support are welcomed by their friends into the Bridges class for small group lessons and activities.

The team will make the recommendation of the student placement and will evaluate regularly in order to provide the most appropriate support program.

The Bridges program offers possibilities to work more intensively on students’ objectives in all areas, such as life skills, sensory needs, academic support, social-emotional and behavior support. It also enables us to give more one-to-one or small group instructions, respond more quickly and efficiently to formative assessments, and provide a safe, calming environment with few of the distractions and over-stimulation of the regular classroom.

In addition, the Bridges program will also be evaluating its efficacy in supporting each student within the program throughout the school year. Therefore, Progress Reports will be an ongoing part of the TEAM conversations for each child.

The program is located on the second floor of the primary school in between our Early Years and Primary Tower.