Early Intervention

The Early Intervention (EI) program is a regular part of the First Grade class in the Primary School. Additionally, we have stretched it over 4-months to include 2nd grade, and again during the alternate 5-months to include Kindergarten. The program is designed to assess students’ literacy skills (i.e. reading and writing) and assist students in obtaining literacy skills. All observations, teaching and assessments are done in collaboration with the classroom teachers.

Students participate in the EI program for a short period or for a longer period determined by their progress and needs. The students’ skills and abilities in phonemics awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and spelling/vocabulary are continuously monitored and assessed.

Early Intervention takes place during Danish. This means the students will not attend the Danish classes, but instead receive EI support in a small group. In addition to the three weekly Early Intervention group lessons, the students will receive up to 120 minutes of individual EI support each week.The students will receive an Early Intervention Folder with their reading books, reading log and tricky words/spelling list. We will also provide some suggestions for activities at home as well.

If your child is assessed as needing extra support for obtaining literacy skills, you will be informed by the classroom teacher. The Early Intervention teacher will then set up a plan based on the students’ individual needs. As a parent you will be informed of your child’s progress on a regular basis.