Getting To and From Campus

Where to find us:

Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 Nordhavn

School Hours

Grade LevelMonday - Friday
Primary School
(Pre-Kindergarten* - Grade 5)
08:15 - 15:00
Middle & High School
(Grades 6-12)
08:30 - 15:30

*Please note that the Pre-kindergarten classes have a flexible drop off time until 8:45.

Transportation and Parking

Closest Intersection: Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade.

From the North or South: Turn from Kalkbrænderihavnsgade onto Sundkrogsgade to enter the harbor area. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
From the West: Vordingborggade becomes Sundkrogsgade. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
There is a separated bike path on both sides of Sundkrogsgade. A two lane bike path has also been created from the Sundkrogsgade/Stubbeløbgade intersection to school.

#27 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Østerport St., via back overpass). From Østerport: 5:49 - 19:08, From school: 6:00 - 19:30 (schedule)

#166 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Hellerup St.) From Hellerup: 6:28 - 15:08, From school: 7:06 - 9:12, 13:46 - 17:53 (schedule) Note: On the schedule, “Skudehavnsvej” is close to the school stop, where the bus turns around. The time listed there will be close to the time at Stubbeløbgade.
Overview Bus Map

The closest S-train stop is Nordhavn. The school is located 15 minutes' walk from Nordhavn Station

Turn right at the Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade intersection. There is on-site parking for parents and staff. Charges apply.

Updated March 2018