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May 2017 IB Diploma Programme Examination Results Released

May 2017 IB Diploma Programme Examination Results released.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma examination results were released on July 6th to 159,400 students around the world, including the 60+ students at Copenhagen International School who sat DP exams in May 2017.

As a proudly inclusive school, where all students have the opportunity to take either the full Diploma or some DP Courses, we are very pleased with this year's results, some of the highlights of which are noted below:

  • Maja Brann and Antoine Paletta achieved 44 points each (out of a possible 45). To put this into perspective, fewer than 1% of students each year achieve such a score. Maja will be studying PPE in King's College, London, and Antoine will be attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Aerospace Engineering
  • Nine students were awarded 40 points or above - 16%, compared to approximately 7.5% worldwide
  • Two of these 40+ students, Nicolai Hækkerup and Aoife Sweeney, met their University of Oxford offers, and will be heading to the UK to study, respectively, Biology, and History and Politics. With 43 points, Ana Carolina Vargas is in the happy position of deciding between Imperial College, London, and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Our passing rate of 95% is 15% above the global pass rate.

Many of our students will be taking a well-earned gap year, but those who have chosen to attend university will soon be scattering across the globe to attend colleges in the UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Congratulations and well done to the class of 2017!