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PTA News, May 19, 2017

Please submit your nomination by Friday, 19 May.The purpose of the CIS Community Award is to recognize member(s) of our CIS community who have made extraordinary contributions to the CIS community as they leave to pursue other adventures.

Nominate a member of the CIS community who has made a positive contribution to the community as a whole and that contribution exceeds what the average person contributes and this person(s) has done so without expectation of reward or payment.

Nominees will be reviewed by a selection committee which may consists of the school director, a member of the CIS school board, the PTA chair, the alumni coordinator, and a member of faculty.

If you have someone in mind, please complete this nomination form. Thank you!

The new PTA leadership team is confirmed. Congratulations to all!
Chair - Jennifer O'Brien
Events - Kirsten Tschofen
Marketing - Shouka Pelaseyed
Secretary - Luke Scherschel
Treasurer - Raquel Slater
Newcomers - Sehrish Haq

PTA is still looking to fill class rep positions and event committee chairs. If you wish to learn more about these positions or volunteer, please send an email to

Please Review:
Proposed PTA Constitution Change for May 29th PTA Meeting 13:30 pm - Proposed 2017 PTA Constitution Amendment

Upcoming Events:

Grade 11 & 12 Parent Coffee: 10am, Tuesday, May 23rd at Cafe Livingstone. Join us as we for our final coffee morning & say thank you to Tish Riley and Paola Torres for their hard work over the past year arranging so many great parent events. We will also say farewell to those who will be leaving. Please RSVP via the FB event on the CIS Grade 11 & 12 parent (or if you are not on Facebook, via email to:
End of Year Social Evening for Grade 9 Parents: June 2, 18:00, Please RSVP to Vicki Reynolds @
Grade 12 Parent Potluck Picnic: Wed., May 24th, 18:00-20:00 at the cafeteria. Birgit Slack-Jørgensen is kindly arranging a final potluck picnic. Please bring finger-food and drinks to share and RSVP via the FB event for ease of counting (only if you are not on FB, email: Please join us to say a final goodbye to each other and thank you to Paolo Torres, who has been an amazing Parent Representative for our 12th grade!