The CIS Board of Trustees

The Copenhagen International School Board consists of elected and appointed members, primarily parents of students enrolled in the school. The Board strives for gender balance and diversity of cultural background, skills and experience. All members are volunteers.

As the legal authorising body of CIS, the Board focuses its efforts first and foremost on supporting and promoting the school’s vision and mission. In addition, we appoint and support the school’s Director, we oversee the school’s fiscal health, and we review and update the school’s policies and procedures.

The Board drives the creation of a strategic framework, in collaboration with contributions from the CIS community. The most recent strategic framework was presented in 2013 and its implementation is ongoing.

As with any Board, by our very definition we delegate the day-to-day administration and operational decisions to the Director.

Board Composition


Finance: The Finance Committee liaises with the school's CFO to provide advice and guidance on all financial matters. In addition, this committee reviews and identifies any issues relating to the school's operating and capital budgets and annual external audit processes.

Chair and Vice Chair

The Board Chair acts as a sounding board in weekly meetings with the Director, and oversees the composition and functioning of the subcommittees, of which she/he is an ex officio member. In addition, the Chair leads the annual Board induction, presides over Board meetings and presents the annual report at the Annual General Meeting. The Board Chair liaises with and delegates authority to the Vice Chair as and when needed.


School policies reflect the ethos of a school, its core values and intent. They provide guidance and support for staff, pupils, parents and the community in a diverse range of situations from administration and school discipline through to environmental footprint and catering. The policies aim to ensure that any decisions taken within the school community are fair, just and transparent. They outline what the school community can expect from the school, the school’s expectations of the community and how the school will handle various situations.

The CIS Policies are adopted by the Board and are comprehensibly reviewed every five years. (Last review 2016.) However individual policies are updated as and when deemed necessary to reflect the dynamic nature of our school environment.

Click here to read the current CIS Constitution, published 31 May 2018
Vedtægter godkendt af Ministeriet d. 3 september 2009

Contact the Board

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