Transition Information


Parking is available in the lot adjacent to campus (137 spaces.)

Fees apply to the car park and rates are set by By & Havn. The first 30 minutes are free but please remember to get a ticket at the machine anyway or use the easy:park app. The code for the CIS car park is 4173.

Under the 15 minute signs along the car park, you can park for 15 minutes for free. No ticket is needed but please remember to set your parking clock!

Updated March 2018

Bus Stop

A bus shed is being established at the bus stop outside the Clipper building on Sundkrogsgade.

Please respect the fact that the area behind the sidewalk is private property and ask (your) children to stay out of the flower beds and act responsibly.

Updated March 2018

Island Crossing

The traffic lights at the island crossing are an automatic system that detects pedestrians and bikers waiting to cross and then changes the lights. Please wait patiently for the lights to change.

Updated March 2018

Future Development of the Local Area

  • Winter 2018:
    • Architectural competition for Levantkaj completed. Based on the winning concept, a local plan for Levantkaj will be developed over the next couple of years (2018-2020)
  • Summer 2018:
    • Construction of Comwell Hotel on Sundkrogsgade begins
    • Expansion of Sundkrogsgade to four lanes begins
      • ”Normal” flow of traffic expected
      • Shared bike lane & sidewalk on the southeast side of Sundkrogsgade
  • August 2018 – Summer 2019:
    • Århusgade will be closed while transfer tunnel between Metro and S-train is built. Please use the crossing at Vordingborggade or the tunnel under Kalkbrænderihavnsgade by Nordre Frihavnsgade (see this map for details)

  • Early 2020:
    • Orientkaj Metro Station, 300 m from CIS, to open
  • 2020 →:
    • Container Port moves north (in stages)

Updated August 2018

On-going dialogue with local authorities

The local area around the school (Levantkaj, Stubbeløbgade and Sundkrogsgade) is owned by By & Havn. But Copenhagen Kommune (and the Copenhagen police) are the road authorities. On a regular basis, members of the CIS Administration meet with representatives of Copenhagen Kommune and By & Havn to discuss and hopefully solve relevant traffic & transportation issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please email these to

Updated March 2018

General Information

  • At the intersection of Sundkrogsgade and Helsinkigade (adjacent to PFA headquarters): The bike lane has been repainted but there is no pedestrian crossing·
    • Complicated rules apply to this intersection: Bikes have the right of way when crossing, hence the blue marking, but pedestrians don’t. They must wait until there are no cars.
    • The recommended/safest route is to cross Sundkrogsgade down by the PFA and then to walk to school on the north side of Sundkrogsgade and cross at the traffic light by Stubbeløbgade. Thus pedestrians can avoid having to cross the two intersections on the south side.
  • "Ny skole" (New School) signs have been put up and we are in contact with all major road users (Container Terminal, Metro Company and Cruise Terminal) to ensure that truck drivers know we exist and that they take extra care;
  • Cars turning the corner at Stubbeløbgade in the morning: It is quite difficult for drivers to see those bikes who continue straight on Sundkrogsgade. The striping of the bike lane has been approved by Copenhagen Kommune and will not be changed. However, a lot of bikers going straight don't abide by the rules, so please stay alert when turning the corner!

Updated March 2018

Getting To and From Campus

Campus Address: Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 Nordhavn

Click here for a printable map with directions.

Closest Intersection: Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade.

The recommended route to CIS is marked in red on the map below. For bikes and pedestrians there is a short cut to the Århusgade neighbourhood and Nordhavn Station via Orientkaj, Sundkaj and Southamptongade.

From the North or South: Turn from Kalkbrænderihavnsgade onto Sundkrogsgade to enter the harbor area. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
From the West: Vordingborggade becomes Sundkrogsgade. Turn right onto Stubbeløbgade.
There is a separated bike path on both sides of Sundkrogsgade. A two lane bike path has also been created from the Sundkrogsgade/Stubbeløbgade intersection to school.

#27 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Østerport St., via back overpass). From Østerport: 5:49 - 19:08, From school: 6:00 - 19:30 (schedule)

#166 to Stubbeløbgade (Sundkrogsgade) (from Hellerup St.) From Hellerup: 6:28 - 15:08, From school: 7:06 - 9:12, 13:46 - 17:53 (schedule) Note: On the schedule, “Skudehavnsvej” is close to the school stop, where the bus turns around. The time listed there will be close to the time at Stubbeløbgade.
Overview Bus Map

The closest S-train stop is Nordhavn.

Turn right at the Stubbeløbgade/Sundkrogsgade intersection.

Updated March 2018

Food Services

Click here for information about Simply Cooking at CIS (menus, prices, and card loading)

Food available during day

Drinks and snacks will be on on sale throughout the day (7:45 - 17:00). Parents and other community members can pay by credit card or cash.

Student Lunch, grades 1- 12

Starting Jan 9, grade 1 - 12 students can purchase lunch each day. Students will pay with their ID cards. Students will receive ID cards on January 9. Teachers will keep cards for younger students.

To load money onto the card for your child

Carefully follow these Instructions. Charge up the card in the first few days of school. Discuss with your child what they are allowed to buy.

Student Lunch, grades preK - Grade 1: Happy Food

Starting Jan 16, students in preK, K, and Grade1 can order meals. Happy Food must be ordered every two weeks, and 1-10 meals can be ordered each time. Orders for the first two weeks must be made by Wednesday, Jan 11.

To order Happy Food for your child, please fill out this form. After you have filled in the form, you will get a return email with payment instructions.

Bringing lunch

Students can bring lunch. Due to fire code regulations, there will not be any microwaves for heating food in the cafeteria.

Parent IDs

All parents will receive a CIS ID badge which must be worn visibly at all times when at school.