Nordhavn Information


Parking is available in the lot adjacent to campus (137 spaces.)

Fees apply to the car park and rates are set by By & Havn. The first 30 minutes are free but please remember to get a ticket at the machine anyway or use the easy:park app. The code for the CIS car park is 4173.

Updated June 2019

Bus Stop

A bus shed has now ben established at the bus stop outside the Clipper building on Sundkrogsgade.

Please respect the fact that the area behind the sidewalk is private property and ask (your) children to stay out of the flower beds and act responsibly.

Updated June 2019

Future Development of the Local Area

  • Winter 2018:
    • Architectural competition for Levantkaj completed. Based on the winning concept, a local plan for Levantkaj will be developed over the next couple of years (2018-2020)

  • Summer 2019:
    • Construction of Comwell Hotel on Sundkrogsgade continues
    • Expansion of Sundkrogsgade to four lanes begins
      • ”Normal” flow of traffic expected
      • Shared bike lane & sidewalk on the southeast side of Sundkrogsgade
  • Early 2020:
    • Orientkaj Metro Station, 300 m from CIS, to open
  • 2020 →:
    • Container Port moves north (in stages)

Updated June 2019

On-going dialogue with local authorities

The local area around the school (Levantkaj, Stubbeløbgade and Sundkrogsgade) is owned by By & Havn. But Copenhagen Kommune (and the Copenhagen police) are the road authorities. On a regular basis, members of the CIS Administration meet with representatives of Copenhagen Kommune and By & Havn to discuss and hopefully solve relevant traffic & transportation issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the school contact form and choose Communications Department

Updated June 2019